Monday, September 16, 2013

Looking Up!!

       Have you ever been in one of your favorites spots and just happened to look at everything around you differently for a change?  One morning recently, I woke up early and went outside to sit by the river.  It was earlier than usual, and very few people were in the park across the river from us.  I took some great pictures at the pretty scenery around me. 
     Then, for some reason, I decided to look up.  And couldn't stop looking.  Even though I had been enjoying the scenery around me, I had never really given a second thought to getting a new perspective on my beautiful surroundings.
     I guess that it is that way in life, too.  You get stuck in a rut or feel like there are no solutions to some of your problems.  Then, something forces you to look at life from a different perspective...and, voila!  Life isn't perfect now, not by any means.  But, it looks a little better.  You may know which fork in the road to take now.  A different perspective may have helped you to solve your problem.
     So, as you go about your day, just remember to look up, or down, or all around.  Get a different perspective.  Think outside the box.  You never know what might happen!!!


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    1. Thanks, Brandy, for the testing! I hope that we get this figured out soon!

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