Thursday, February 11, 2016

Never too old to learn new things!

I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks!

~maybe I better explain that, just a little.

I grew up in town, without ever needing to learn certain things. So, there are a few things that I had never learned.

Like starting,  and keeping a fire going, with unseasoned firewood...or any firewood,  for that matter. There is a trick to it, and I had been taught it recently when learning all about using a woodstove.

But, the hubby had always been nearby.

And, now he is not. So, I needed to get it right, or just be a freaking popsicle for the next few days.

Let's just say that I am feeling warm and toasty tonight ~and will hopefully be till morning!

Also, this absolutely non-mechanical female has mastered unlocking the hubs on the pickup truck and using the 4-wheel drive, when needed.

These may sound like small things...but when you are trying to become more self -sufficient, these types of things are small potatoes!

☆Feeling a little proud of myself tonight!

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