Saturday, December 10, 2016

Outside the Norman Rockwell moment!!

~Norman Rockwell Moments...

~AKA as Martha Stewart Moments, these days...

What in the world am I talking about you say?  I am talking about those moments in time, that are captured in our memories (and sometimes in pictures).  Those moments in which everything looks like it came out perfectly from a Martha Stewart page, and everyone is present, happy, and festive.

There is only one problem with those moments:  LIFE!

A perfect example of one of those moments is when my son was a baby, over two decades ago.  My best friend and I had gone to the mall to get baby pictures taken at the Sears store when my son was about 6 months old.  We went straight to Sears to get the pictures taken first, but he hadn't fallen asleep on the way like I had hoped.  So, we arrived at Sears with a whiny baby that was due for a nap fairly soon.

However, we had a fantastic photographer that found ways to make him smile.  I went home with some very cute pictures of a smiling, happy baby...and a decades-old memory of a tired, crying child that smiled adorably for a Norman Rockwell moment in time, and then cried, and slept.

That is LIFE!

So, this holiday season, ENJOY!  Get together with family, and friends, if it is possible.  If everyone can get together, that is a blessing to be cherished.  But, if circumstances are not agreeable, still treasure the chance to make someone else's holiday a little more festive.

This past Thanksgiving, I would have loved to visit with my brothers and sisters.  But, due to work schedules, a conflicting event, and many, many miles, it was not to be.  I still had a fantastic Thanksgiving day with the kids, old friends, new friends, etc.

I will get together with my brothers and sisters as we can.  With us all living in 3 different states (...and their children adding in 2 more states), and having various schedules, we will do the best we can.  Might be at the holidays, might not.

But we are lucky to have each other in our lives still, and we are blessed to live in a time when technology can join us across the miles.

We are blessed to have new friends, and old friends, in our lives.


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