Monday, March 20, 2017

Always Learning!

     When I started the Fledgling Endeavors blog a few years ago, I chose that name because of all the new endeavors I wanted to experience.  I knew that I was a beginner, a greenhor, a new little fledgling bird trying to fly out of the nest.

     Little did I know, just how many new skills that I would be learning along the way...

     In the last few years, I have learned ~

  • to raise rabbits
  • to drive a tractor 
  • to care for chickens, cows, and horses
  • to pull a loaded trailer
  • to shoot guns
  • use a gas-fueled generator
...and much more!

     And now, with the house being delivered within the next month, I am sure that I will be learning a lot more skills!!  LOL

     We will need to insulate, put in electric system and plumbing. By the time we are finished, I should have a few more home improvement skills under my belt!

     We should always be learning new things! What new skills have your picked up in the last couple of years?


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