Sunday, May 7, 2017

Time for a Dreamchaser Spotlight!

     I have been inspired to follow my own heart because I have met some quite adventurous people that are following their passions everyday.

     Several years ago, I invited four authors to speak at my library about their craft, and the life of a writer.  After this event, I had the fortune of becoming friends with one of these wonderful ladies.
     Her name is Sandy James.  By day, she is a high school teacher. However, she has also carved out a successful career as an award-winning author, while still continuing to be a well-loved educator.

    She is the author of several stand-alone novels. and quite a few book series.  Too numerous to list them all here, but I can tell you that I have already read  Turning Thirty-Twelve (my personal favorite!), Rules of the Game, Murphy's Law, and All the Right Reasons (updated and re-releasing on May 9th). You can also add the first books in the Safe Havens series, and The Ladies Who Lunch series to my already-read list! (books 2-4 have been downloaded and are ready to read, by the way! LOL)

    As you can tell by the previous paragraph, I have already become a big fan of hers! According to her standings on Amazon, she has many more fans, also. She has won awards for her work, including the Maggie Award for Excellence Finalist and the Holt Medallion Award.

     I hope you enjoy learning more about this fascinating, adventurous person.  She is truly an inspiration to anyone wanting to know how to make your dreams a reality.  If you would like to learn more about Sandy, please visit her website, , or go to Amazon to learn more about her books.

Sandy James

1.  What is your dream? 

To be JK Rowling? 
Actually, my dreams have changed over the years. First it was to write a novel. Then it was to get an agent and pursue publishing. Now, I want to be on one of the “big” bestsellers’ lists. Dreams should grow with the dreamer, or else you’re just standing still.

2.  Was any kind of "large leap" needed to make your dreams come true?  

My life changed drastically from the moment I started writing that first book. I found that I was so consumed with writing that other things were “downgraded” in my life. Who wants to spend time vacuuming when there are stories to be written and heroines to ravish? ;)

3. What were some of the small steps that you were able to make until you made the "big leap"? 

Resetting priorities was the first step. And not just to find time to write. A good writer must also grow in the craft. I had to share my work with others and learn from their suggestions. It’s difficult to put your “baby” out there for others to judge, knowing that someone might tell you that “baby” is ugly as sin. But without constructive criticism, without learning, there is no growth. 

4. What convinced you to make any big changes to your life?

I am a superlative Type A personality, so I didn’t need a lot of convincing. I was very lucky to have a core group of friends, fellow teachers, who became my cheerleaders early on. Their input and support convinced me to keep going beyond just checking that first book off my bucket list. 

5. On a day-to-day basis, how are you making everything work? 

My husband lost a two-year battle to colon cancer in September. His illness and my caring for him made it next to impossible for me to write. My priority, the only true purpose my life had, was to help him any and every way that I could. 
Now, my “new” life is trying to figure out who I am and where I’m heading. The emotional battle still rages, but I’m slowly carving a new life out for myself. I met Jeff when I was seventeen, and we were married thirty-three years. I had never been on my own, so I had to rethink everything. I’m happy to say that I’m back at work, both as a teacher and as an author. I’m on this new journey to figure out what my life is and what it will be.

6. What words of advice do you have for our readers?

Life is too damn short, so don’t waste it on people and things that don’t make you happy. ☺ 

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