Monday, January 15, 2018

Snowy Paradise

Not much you can do on a snowy day, so I decided to get outside and capture some of its beauty.

I snapped away until my feet were frozen. Once I couldn't feel my toes, I figured it was time to go inside.

Got under some warm blankets, drank some hot chocolate and read my current Outlander book.

What a great way to spend a cold snowy day!

View of Bullfrog Pond from behind Cabin

Deer Pond (They like it as a watering hole

Home Sweet Home

Farmall Red against a White Backdrop

View from my Front Porch

Different Perspective on a Snowy Day


  1. With everyone complaining about the cold (I admit I'm frozen), it's refreshing to see a positive spin. The pictures are lovely. If it's going to be so cold, it sure is nice to have it be a sunny day. I'm sure between the hot chocolate and the book, you warmed up! Lol

  2. Believe me, Eileen...I'm no saint! I will complain about the cold with the best of them! But, you definitely cannot deny how beautiful everything looks when it is frosted with snow.

  3. Hey Sis .. I love you b/c you are so positive all ways and forever!! burrr cold.. but the snow is beautiful. Those pics look like they should be on a calendar for the month of January!! You go girl. Love you /// Pam

  4. Thanks, Pam! I try to be positive when I can. It has been cold up here...Wanna fly us back down to Texas? Lol I am glad you like the pictures!