Friday, February 9, 2018

Valentine's Day Present?! What Do You Think?

What happens when you take a little bit of winter doldrums, upcoming Valentine's Day, the thought of needing just a little more space...and mix them together with a fantastic deal?

You have your husband get you a 2nd shed to turn into a house, of course!!!  After all, isn't that what all of you men are buying your woman this year for Valentine's Day 💖? LOL

Now, stop laughing! We actually had been talking lately of just a little more room,  and how we should go about this. Details like cost, placement, and the like were discussed for a while.  

So, we headed back over to the Prairie Built Barns lot to get some inspiration by looking at sizes, shapes, etc. to help us plan out our details.  

And found a fantastic deal that will be perfect!  This little baby has insulation, drywall, a bathroom, a small room, most electrical, a ladder to the loft, and flooring throughout the building.  It is exactly the same size as our cabin, which is 14x40.  

We still plan on living in the house that we had first.  This will always be called the Cabin by us.  However, since we were unable to get the blow-in insulation guy scheduled before the weather turned cold, it has been a glorified storage building through the winter.

Our plans with the 2nd building will be to temporarily live in it first, and move our boxes and furniture out of the Cabin.  It needs to be emptied, and completely ready for the insulation guy as soon as the weather starts getting warmer.

As soon as we have our cabin completely ready for us, then our temporary house will become the Guest House. We will use it for other things,, the hubby's Man Cave, who knows!!

The area to the east of the Cabin was being planned out as a patio area for quite a while. Now, we will place the Guest House on the other side of that area, and the patio will be perfect for entertaining between the two houses. 

So, who would like to be our first guests?? There might be the possibility of being a carpenter's assistant, or something though!  It will be fun!! 

Here are a few shots of the Guest House:

Front Door & Small Room

Ladder to Front Loft

Bathroom Shot (with bonus broom, dustpan & trashcan, of course!)

Main Room & Back Loft, Looking toward Back Door

Main Room, Looking toward Front Door


  1. I'm sending my reservation to be the first guest! How cool, but are your Tiny home friends going to throw you out of the club? I'm teasing of course, so don't anyone get upset.
    I can't wait to see what you two come up with next.

    1. These houses are actually too big for the Tiny House Club anyway!! LOL We can't wait to see what we are up to next, also! You never know!! As for first guests, they are lining up quick...ya better hurry! Ha ha!

  2. Yay! Can't wait to get time to see it all!

    1. We can't wait either! You do have a Spring Break coming up soon?

  3. Really Really Cooooolllll!!!!