Saturday, December 15, 2012


     There are many events in our lives that can make us take a step back to get a better perspective on how things are going.  Graduations, birthdays and becoming a parent can make many people choose to hit the pause button for a little while.  Taking a closer look at how close we are to the life we want to lead and determining what to prioritize is what keeps us going toward what we value the most.
     Sometimes, though, it can be events outside of your own life that will have the same effect.  Sadly, tragedies as well as can cause the same kind of reflection.  My own questions are probably on the minds of many right now.  Have I spent enough time with my child?  Does he know how much I love him? Do I show all of my loved ones enough love and give them enough of my time?  Or do I brush them aside because I have things to get done?  Have I spent so much time just trying to make a living that I forget about making a life, too?
     Everyday, I have been trying to make changes that will lead me down the road that I want to take.  The changes may be small, but even those changes begin to add up sooner or later.  A few years ago, I started thinking about learning to become a better writer.  Since that time, I have started writing a few things, started a writer's group at the library and created a blog. 
     Who knows what will be next?  My husband and I are starting to look into keeping rabbits and possibly chickens.  We are taking steps to start living a more sustainable life.  Nothing big at this point, but we have started composting and we do more recycling.  I have gathered rainwater for watering my indoor plants.  Bigger projects down the road may be using renewable energy in our home.
     As you take a closer look at your life, just remember what is most important to you.  Is it spending more time with your family and friends or is it having a huge house and expensive car?  At the end of the day, what is it that you value the most?  Please start living the life that you value.  It's the only life you have!

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