Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving: all year long!

     I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving this year.  I know that many people think that Thanksgiving is all about the turkey and pumpkin pie, not to mention all that football.  However, it is so much more than that, and also simply that: Thanksgiving. Giving Thanks. I know many people that spend the majority of the year grumping and complaining; and only on Thanksgiving Day, will you hear any hint of gratitude. 
    If there is only one change that you make this year, let it be this one: Start living life with an attitude of gratitude!  Instead of concentrating on the fact that you can't afford designer clothes, be grateful that you have nice warm clothes to wear as it gets colder.  Say thank you to the person that held the door when your hands were full.  Forget about the one that jumped in front of you in line. 
    I am not suggesting that anyone should become a doormat.  You have every right to stick up for yourself.  Just learn to channel your focus on the good in life.  There is a lot more of it around than you realize. Remember an attitude of gratitude this year!

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