Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Life Zooming Right Along!

     Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!  Life has just been zooming along very quickly the last few weeks.  Been getting up with to-do lists and going to bed with them.  But it has been worth it. It will slow down soon, and I will have a lot to show for it. 
     But even in all of this craziness, I am still trying to stop and smell the roses.  I have a great life...wonderful husband, great kids, family, friends, and so much more.
     Please bear with me if I am not able to post every day for just another week or two.  The weekend will be here soon and I can relax a little bit more.  I will finish my episode of "Gilmore Girls" (a guilty pleasure!) as I wrap up this post.  Then, a chance to talk to the hubby after he gets home from work (very rare during weeks that our work schedules don't match).  Last, but not least, a chapter or two from my latest book.  A perfect way to end the evening!!   Good night, everyone!!!  

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