Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quality time!

     Spring has definitely sprung!  And with it, a lot more things to do.  But it's the good things, though, that leave you well-rested for the night.  While planting strawberries with my husband, it felt wonderful to be outside again after being cooped up all winter.  The wildflowers and newly-mowed grass mixed together in a fragrant breeze and the river sparkled in the sunlight.  It just doesn't get any better than that! 
     Oh, but wait it does!  Our friend called and wanted to visit us with her daughter on Sunday.  Next thing I know, we are enjoying wonderful food sizzling way on the grill and a terrific visit with some good friends that lasted well into the evening.
     I have always been one to worry about what I should be doing and not just enjoying the moment.  This weekend, I swept the worry under the rug and had a terrific time!  I still managed to run a few errands, work a 9-5 shift on Saturday and get some laundry and dishes done as well, but spending quality time with my husband and good friends...priceless! 
    Tell me about your weekend!  Did you get some quality "me" time in, even if it was just a little?  Did you set back and just soak in your surroundings with all of your senses? 

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