Saturday, July 6, 2013

Inspiration from Jenna!

    There are some days that I think God manages to put just the right words in front of you.  If I find just the right words in a book, or a blog, that I'm reading; I usually, I will usually take a few days to take the words in and digest them. Today, was one of those days!
     I would like to introduce you to someone that I am highly motivated by in my quest to follow my dreams.  Jenna Woginrich has found a way to make a living and follow her dream.   I try to read her blog ( every chance I get.  Some days, I get behind and read a few posts at a time.
     Even when you are following your dreams, you still can feel overwhelmed.  Jenna reminded me to still keep on going.  Please click on the following link (coldantlerfarm: Keep Going) and be inspired to keep following your dream, no matter your fears.  Hopefully, you will be inspired to continue reading her blog, also.  Let me know what you think!


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