Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Cool Changes to the Blog

    Change is good, or so I've heard.  So, I am making some changes to the blog and I hope that you enjoy the improvements!  The first thing that you will notice is that I have added additional pages that you will find in the tabs along the top.

     As part of my New Year's resolution to enjoy each day more, I have chosen to throw some of my interests into the blog on separate pages.  If you share those interests at all (or just wanna be nosy), you can see what I have to say or show you.  Who knows, you may be interested too!  I would love to hear your comments on my posts and to get some interesting conversations going.

    I have always loved photography, but been scared of wasting all that film over the years.  But digital photography has changed all that!  Now, if I don't like my pictures, I can just hit the delete button and pretend they never existed!  And you guys get to enjoy all the fruits of my labor in this area!  By clicking on that heading, you can check out my view on the world.  It may be twisted, it may be beautiful...only you can decide what it means to you!

    I am also excited to spotlight some of my favorite people...the adventurous, the dreamers, the doers!  They are the ones that are starting on their dreams while working full-time jobs. They are sometimes taking the jump into the unknown, if possible.  Sometimes, they are just making the little jumps and just trying out new interests.

     If I can get it to load up right, today I will be adding another new twist that spotlights my stepson, Adam, along with two of his friends.  It is a podcast called "3 Guys 3 Questions".  They each come to the podcast with a question that all three of them have to answer.  I hope that you will enjoy this new feature (and I hope that my limited technical ability will allow me to load it!!)  If not, it may be another day before you can enjoy, but I will accomplish this somehow!

     Wish me luck with the podcast!!  And I hope that you enjoy the additions to the blog!  Keep following along and let me know what you think...the good, the bad, and the ugly!!