Friday, April 17, 2015

Libraries and their Fantasticness!! National Library Week

                 Shelby County Public Library

Batesville Memorial Public Library

       Spring fever...are you suffering from some of the symptoms?  I know that I am!!  I can't wait to get out of the house and get stuff done on days like today.  Here in Indiana, it is a beautiful 71 degrees and sunny.  I am not a fan of the really, really hot or cold days, but I absolutely live for days like today.  The funny thing is, that I am spending a good portion of my beautiful spring day my
favorite place in the world~~the public library!
        Thank you for bearing with me as I am still trying to maintain the blog without a laptop or internet service at home.  I cannot say enough about how important the public library has been to me and the blog in the last year.  My only problem right now, is that sometimes my free time and the library's hours don't quite match.  If I could only talk them into being open 24/7, that would be fantastic!!  But, my guess is that they won't exactly go for that... Oh, well,  I can keep trying!!!
       I bring up the library and it's fantasticness, because this is National Library Week!  I have been wanting to write a blog post, and where do I need to go~the library.  I have some research to do regarding a book that I am writing~~go to the library.  I am trying to look up some family tree info, in time for our family reunion this fall~~again the library.  Also, want to get my next Debbie Macomber book and a movie or two~~you guessed it, the library!
     Next up, sending emails to my favorite inspiring dreamchasers:  Jenna Woginrich (, Sandy James ( and John Ivanko (  I would still love for you to get to know them sometime soon!  They have kept me striving toward my dreams for some time now.  By their inspiration, my husband and I have started following our dreams and are working toward them everyday.

     But I will save those ramblings for another day...

     If you do nothing else today, please at least check out the websites above.  Believe me, you won't be disappointed!  And also, get to your favorite library and tell them thank you for everything! Librarians love to be appreciated...I hear that they love chocolates, cash and flowers, too!  Probably, more cash than anything!!  LOL

     If you can't get to the library, go to their Facebook page and let them know that way instead.  Just show your love somehow!!!

      Right Brandy?!

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