Thursday, August 31, 2017

Clearing the Land

For all of the posts about our small home, it would seem that this is all we are working on here.  But there is so much more...

I really mean that...THERE IS SO MUCH MORE!!  😵

We haven't been neglecting the rest of the property.  There are several acres here, but we had only been concentrating on the one or so for our house and yard.

My husband had been trying to clear paths and some areas, but there is only so much one person can do with a mower and chainsaw.
  We have a lot of brush, and some good decent trees. Our goal has always been to clear the small scragly trees and brush out, leaving the good decent trees behind to enjoy.

This will open up the property, and help us to make good use of the acreage. It will also allow the good solid trees to be able to grow better, because it will not be competing with all of the brush for the sunshine and nutrients.

We have found a good logger that has been a godsend in helping us meet this goal.  He has been able to clear out quite a bit so far.Bringing the big machine in has made the job go a lot faster. This skidder makes the job look easy!

Although I didn't get any shots of our logger in action, here are a few pictures of the skidder to show you how big this baby is!  I have also included some before and after shots of how the "wilderness" looks.
I am about 5'5", and this towers over me!

The wheels alone are almost as tall as the hubby!

The hubby with cleared land over his shoulder

You can tell that big ol'machine has been through here!

An un-skiddered area


  1. Wow! A lot of work has been done since I was there last. It is looking good.