Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Pampering Me Pledge

As I was on Facebook today, one of those "On this Day" Memories popped up and caught my  attention.  Around 4 years ago, I had a blog post about stopping to take care of yourself over the holidays.

When I posted it on Facebook, several people replied that they have a hard time taking care of themselves, too.

At that time, ten people took a pledge with me that they would stop and take care of themselves over the holidays. We checked in with each other on Facebook, and made sure that we did.

Back to 2017...

I am going to take the Pampering Me Pledge again this year, and hope that many of you join in with me.  At this time of the year, we spend so much time, and energy, taking care of others and making sure the holidays are "perfect".

We forget about ourselves, and can't figure out why we are tired, or depressed.

So, take the Pampering Me Pledge through the holiday season with me!

*Through the comments on this post, or on my Facebook "Pampering Me Pledge" post, say " I TAKE THE PAMPERING ME PLEDGE"

*Each day or so, let us know what you did to take care of yourself that day.

*If you don't tell us, then I will make a point of checking on you to make sure everything is okay.

Take the Pampering Me Pledge and take care of yourself!!  💜💙💜

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