Saturday, December 16, 2017

Happy Blogversary to Fledgling Endeavors!

Wow, it has been five years already!! I cannot believe it! But according to Facebook, it is.  I couldn't sleep this morning, so I thought that I would cruise around on FB for a while. 

Found this little gem in my On This Day section...

My "On This Day" find this morning on FB

Five years ago, I had many dreams, and interests that I wanted to follow.  One of them was to become a writer.  But, I was scared to death to put my writing "out there" where other people might possibly read it.

Gasp!! I could never do that! It would be horrifying!

But...slowly, but surely, I started taking baby steps. 

Three of my fellow writing friends and I started a writing group at the library where I worked at the time. I started writing with them, and it wasn't as scary as I thought. No one laughed at me. No one made fun of me. In fact, everyone was very supportive.  They actually liked what I wrote! 

So, I started taking more baby steps. I wrote a small article in November of 2011 for a local newsletter. 

Between encouragement from my writer's group, and my own research into the free blogging sites, like Blogger here, I eventually took the jump.

I followed my first public fledgling endeavor, by starting Fledgling Endeavors! I put my writing out there in the most public of places - the World Wide Web!

And that was just the beginning of following my dreams, and passions.

In the past five years, my husband and I have moved to our dream property, where we are working to make life as sustainable as possible.

We have tried our hand at raising rabbits, and keeping bees. When we are all settled here, we will continue following those passions.

I work at a job I love...where as part of my job I get to follow another passion:  Genealogy.  

My genealogy page on this blog grew to the point that it received its own blog:  This Hoosier's Heritage.  

Five years ago, I stopped just researching everything to death, and started taking those baby steps.  

And where exactly has that taken me?

  • To a beautiful and peaceful place I love to explore
  • To a job I love that includes all of my passions: books, helping people, genealogy, learning new things
  • More quality time to spend with the hubby
  • Less stress
On to new endeavors!! 

With no city lights around, I have been looking up at the night sky more and more. I was just starting to learn some of the constellations, when it started to get colder everyday.  I will continue looking up, just not for very long right now.

This spring, you might find a post or two about this new passion...when it gets warm enough for the stars to start beckoning again!

👉Where has the last five years led you?  What passions has it made you follow?

Tell us all about it!

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