Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Guest House has Arrived!

Another step closer to paradise!! Well, at least our version of it! 

The Guesthouse has arrived!  We will temporarily be calling this home, while we finish off the Cabin. 

After that, it will get a chance to live up to its name.  

Then again, it may become the Hubby's Mancave, or Doghouse, depending on the day!!

Our plan is to fix up a patio area in between the two buildings, to enjoy the outdoors with our friends and family, too!

Just a few quick photos... 

Here She Comes!

Oops, a Fatality! We Took Out the Mailbox!

Backing Her in Position

What a Beast! Hydraulic Mule
Holds It Up

Most Important Tool!! 

Don't Worry...Kitty was Safe the Whole Time!

The Cabin, and the Guesthouse
(will be connected with a patio area
in between the two)

Our View out the Back Door

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