Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dream Support Team

     Ahh, a beautiful day to be outside!  Today, the hubby and I are going camping. Okay, honestly, he's going hunting and I will stay near the camper! Our friends let us use this property throughout the year and are trying to talk us into buying it. We can't right now, but it has been tempting. It is over 25 acres and has endless possibilities.  Our idea is to find several different ways to draw an income. That way, if one dream gets blocked somehow, we have other ways to make a living.
     I know that it might be difficult finding a way for dreams to work for us; but isn't it so much nicer to be able to make a life, not just a living? And if we can both do the things we like, together and separate, then that just will make our marriage stronger.
     How do you and your family work on supporting each other's fledgling endeavors?  I know that down the road, I will probably be helping him with beekeeping.  I might not be too much help, if I am determined to stay away from the bees!! He has already been a help to me as I am trying to get started with raising rabbits.
     Single or married, I want to hear about your support team. Who keeps your dreams moving forward. How do you work at making your dreams reality everyday?

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