Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day

     This weekend, my thoughts have naturally turned to the idea of motherhood.  As we were growing up, we didn't think too much about what it takes to be a mother.  Honestly, we didn't even think about it at all.  Mom was just there when you needed her.  It's not until we became parents ourselves, that our concept of motherhood begins to really take shape.
     Then all of a sudden, you are trying to remember what your mother would say or do at each stage in your child's life.  You hope that you are doing a good job, but you are never quite sure.  But like I have said before, it is not just about the destination, it is also about the journey. 
     Do the best you can as you raise your child. Teach them how to become the best person that they can be.  But more than anything, enjoy the journey of raising your child. Don't wish it away, saying "I can't wait until this stage is over", or something similar.  I love my son dearly and have enjoyed all the years that I have been blessed to have him in my life.  But as a single parent who held a full-time job and went to college for much of his childhood, I feel like I just "made it through" many of those days.
     Now, he has only one year left of high school.  We have been having many discussions about planning his future.  Knowing that in a year or so, he will be "on his own" has me wanting to turn back the clock and start the journey over again.  But, I will enjoy every minute of the time that we have left together in this house.  I will enjoy this part of the journey, and I look forward to helping him reach his destination.  What a beautiful ride this has been so far!  I am very blessed to have taken this journey, and also to have been given a wonderful mother to show me the way.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!!!

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