Monday, May 6, 2013


     What a beautiful weekend we had here!  My husband and I got a lot of outside chores done while the weather was nice.  But we were truly blessed when our friends came over.  Sometimes, you find yourself torn between staying home and getting things done around your house, and visiting with your friends.  You would love to visit with them as much as possible, but you also haven't been home much in the last few weeks. 
     That's when it is nice to have friends that can help each other out whenever possible.  We don't always have to go somewhere to get our visits in, or spend a lot of money.  Both families have bought fixer-uppers, and can use all the help we can get.  While I was working, they borrowed my husband a few weeks ago to help with fixing up their porch.
     This weekend, as we were working outside, the family pulled up to bring back the mower they had borrowed.  Next thing I knew, the children were helping me weed, the other hubby was helping my hubby work on his truck, and the two of us moms were putting a supper together.  We got a lot of visiting in and a lot of work done,  all in one day!
     What a blessing it is when you have good friends like we do!!  We became friends because our sons did many years ago.  But we have stayed friends because it is nice to know that whether it is with your children, home, pets, tools, chores, you name always know that you can trust someone to have your back!!!

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