Sunday, August 25, 2013

Inspired by Chocolat!!!

     This past month, my book group at the library read the book, Chocolat by Joanne Harris. Now that we've had the discussion, I have also taken the time to sit and enjoy the movie version, also.  Other than the fact that it starred Johnny Depp (which alone is a good reason to watch it!!!), the movie was a joy to watch!!
     Although many times, the movie versions of books don't come anywhere near the book version, I think that this one was an exception.  The movie was able to take the best elements of the book and turn it into a wonderful movie.
     But what I enjoyed the most about both was the main message that was conveyed.  The main character, Vianne Rocher, sweeps into a small French town and inspires the local residents to enjoy life.  Even though the leaders of the village try to push Vianne to be something different or to get out of town, she stays true to herself and convinces many others to do the same.
     Let's live our lives a little more like Vianne!! Be ourselves, have an inner joy of life that no one can diminish, enjoy the little things in life (like chocolate!!) and be inspiring to others!! 
     What a great way to live!! What do you think?

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