Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pampering Time Tonight!

  The last several days, I have been working hard and my body has been definitely feeling it!  So, tonight is nothing but "me" time.  Okay, maybe a few supper dishes...but only my own!  LOL  I've already finished reading my book earlier tonight and now I have to wait for the next in the series...not happy about that, but will survive .  (sniff, sniff)
   After a little Facebook time with an old friend, I am now ready to log off the electronic world and go hide in my own little world tonight.  A little writing, a little more reading possibly, and just plain taking it easy! 
   Need some down time to recharge the batteries and hopefully, I will be back at it tomorrow!  What's the best way for you to recharge when you need some "me" time?

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