Monday, December 8, 2014

Loving the Change of Seasons

     Before I go any further, let me just say as a lifelong Hoosier, I love the change of seasons....I really do!  I love all of the beautiful shades of green in the springtime, the long days of summer and swimming, and the rainbow of colors every fall.
     In winter, I love the holiday season and the beauty of the sun hitting the snow-covered landscape.  However, the one thing that I am not a fan of in the winter is the blah dreariness that seems to come with the territory.  But I guess that I can look on the bright side... cold temperatures, bare trees and gray skies just make you love your nice warm home even more!
     Since this is one of those blah, dreary days, I just thought that I would put a picture from my neck of the woods this past fall.  Note the green grass and that the trees still have leaves on them...and the beautiful sunset is anything but blah and dreary!!
What is your favorite season?


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