Thursday, April 13, 2017

Getting Closer!!

Surveying the Scene

We are getting closer! 

In the last few weeks, the hubby and I have been going over design ideas to decide where the kitchen and bathroom will go.  The next step was to decide on where certain fixtures should go...such as, any fixture that will need a pipe!

So, the hubby has been over at the property laying down the pipes, according to our design.  He has also been surveying the area to where these pipes are eventually going to end.  

All of these little details that had never crossed the mind of a girl raised in town!

Oh, learn something new everyday!

So, now, he finishes up the last of this, and scratch it off of his to-do list.

Next up, delivery of the gravel, to ensure everything is as level as possible.

AND...drumroll, please!

Delivery of our house!!!


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