Saturday, June 24, 2017

Happiness on the Homestead


Does it come from the big things in life, like promotions, weddings, and such?  Yes, it can.

But, it is so much more...

It's just being content in the moment, in the day...

Yesterday, was one of those days!! 

The hubby and I went over to work on the house.  As I looked out the window, I noticed a hawk sitting on a nearby hill.  I took my camera out to the front porch, and looked for him again. He had flown to a nearby tree. I was able to snap this picture just as he was leaving that tree. 
Hawk in Flight

After helping the hubby with electrical work, and also with some plumbing layout, I headed outside once again.  

Although I wasn't able to catch them on camera this time, I still gotta watch my hummingbirds in action.  Had to laugh as my ruby-throated hummingbird, chased off another one that was trying to get a drink. And, as those two flew off in their chase, a green one swooped in for a leisurely drink!

Still gotta identify the green one. That's a job for today, I guess!

Our Hummingbird Sycamore Tree

To finish off the day, the hubby and I took a few minutes between rainstorms to check out our blackberry "crop".  As you can tell from the pictures, our "harvest" and "crop" are not too big yet!!  LOL

Don't think I quite have enough to make a pie yet, what do you think?   😋 

Harvest?? LOL
One of Several Bushes

Last, but not least, a shot of our peaceful country setting.  It is still a work in progress, and will be for a while.  Progress will be much, much faster when the insulation guys, and the sewage guys, can fit us into their busy schedules this summer.  That will speed everything up quite a bit!!

A Work in Progress

And so ends another day in paradise!!

Loving Life!!!

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