Tuesday, June 6, 2017

The Progress Continues...

When faced with an overwhelming project in the past, someone might have asked you what seemed to be an exceptionally odd question:   "You know how you eat an elephant, right?"  

Well, the answer to that is, "One bite at a time!"

I know that you may be wondering what in the heck I am talking about just now.  

And no, I have not gone crazy!!  Well, maybe I have, but that is beside the point!  LOL

This old saying comes from how we look at any big project.  You can only deal with it one bite at a time.

And that is what we are doing these days.  The hubby has been working hard on the electrical for a while. And, as some have asked...yes, he knows what he is doing. Also, he will have a licensed electrician check his work. 

But when we were given the gift of this linoleum recently, we couldn't pass up getting started on our bathroom.  This flooring looks just like the nearby Brown County stone that is popular in this general area of Indiana.  It fits so well with the "cabin" feel that we are attempting to create.

So, tell us what you think!

Flooring with bathroom fixtures

Flooring, bathroom fixture, & wall panelling


  1. Beautiful color combination. Such a handy man, that husband of yours. I'm not going to recognize the cabin when I come back.

  2. Thanks, Eileen! When we laid the flooring down next to the paneling and cabinetry, we thought it was ideal, too. And, it also goes with the whole "cabin" feel, too.