Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Teenagers + Cars = Am I ready for this?

     As parents, we go through many stages with our kids. As babies, we can't wait for them for walk and talk. As they get older, we continue to encourage that independence. Slowly but surely, we have to accept the fact that they aren't little any more.
     Then as soon as our minds and hearts have finally accepted one stage, they are taking off again ready for even more independence. But as they hit the teenage years, this also means driver's permits and cars.  Now, I don't know about anyone else, but I have very mixed feelings regarding this.
     On the one hand, it will actually help out tremendously for him not to need a chauffeur all the time.  But I am also terrified out of my wits!  I mean, it seems like just yesterday that he was just running his bike into the wall just because it was funny!  Now, we are going to let him take a 2,000 lb. vehicle out by himself??!!  Are we crazy??
     I  know that I am not alone in feeling this way.  Are you the parent of a teenager? Or looking at those years in the rearview mirror? I would like hear about your fears, your stories, ...whatever might help me to look at this new endeavor from all sides.


  1. I hate when John talks about either one of our kids and working, driving, getting married. Heck, even Eli started talking about being ready to go to school. Although these are all the things they will go through it is all so bittersweet. In my mind I want them stay my sweet innocent babies. And in a way they will, I imagine. But I can only hope that as they get older everything we've done will enable them to make good choices, including on the road once they have that license.

  2. I agree, Brandy. I think that is what it comes down to more than anything; trusting that we have done a good job through all of the years. Between that and trying to remind ourselves that they really have matured over the years. Knowing that we have great kids that we can trust is priceless. That is what I have to remind myself as he starts driving, going to college and taking off into the world.