Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Daring Adventure...

"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." ~ The Open Door by Helen Keller

     I read this quote the other day and it struck a chord in me.  There are many days that I am so busy that I just barely make it through the being one of them!  But, I am slowly, but surely, trying to incorporate a little more adventure into my life.  My first leap into adventure was putting my writing out in the public eye with this blog.
     I have been contemplating my next adventure for a little while now. For the last few years, my family has enjoyed raising our little pet rabbit.  Since I am always trying to talk people into getting rabbits, obviously (at least in my mind!) the next step would  be to start breeding and raising them, right?!
     Does anyone else make giant leaps like this?  Or am I just a little insane? I will hold off on any sudden decisions, especially since we are going into winter weather.  But this now gives you plenty of time to weigh in on my sanity, give me rabbit-raising advice or just let me know what you think in general about daring adventures!
     What daring adventure will you embark on soon?

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