Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Oreo and Spring...What a Combination!

This is Oreo.  He decided to come out and visit with you.  He loves to get out in our yard and eat lots of clover.  Even though I think that the snow looks pretty, I have a feeling that Oreo would love to see it disappear and get much warmer.  What about you?  Are you ready for it to be warmer?  What do you think that you will get started on once the warmer weather hits?  Is gardening your passion? Are you anxious to get outside and just take a walk, without worrying about falling on the ice?  
As for myself, I have several plans for the warmer weather.  My husband and I are trying to become more self-sufficient, so we are planning on starting a garden this year.  We are also going to start raising rabbits and chickens.  Since Oreo belongs to my son, he is actually a pet that will always live indoors in luxury.  However, the chickens hopefully will be working for us by hopefully laying some eggs.  As for the rabbits, we are looking into raising and selling them.
So, lots and lots to do soon!  Finishing the construction on our garage, building a greenhouse structure off of our house (out of reclaimed materials), getting a rabbit hutch started and the garden planned. 
I feel like I am accomplishing something, by just putting this out there in front of you!  I guess we have to get it all done now!  It honestly feels nice getting a little closer to our dream a little at a time.  What do you think?

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