Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fortune Cookie Future!

     Whenever I seem to be having a case of writer's block, I start looking around for anything that might inspire me.  In fact, I have even gotten in the habit of keeping my fortunes whenever my husband and I go to our favorite Chinese restaurant.  I figure that whenever I am stuck, I could pull one of these out of the basket to get my brain back in gear.
     Just the other day, we got our fortune cookies and mine said, "Choose your own path".  That was it, just those four words.  But that was all I needed.  Since then, I have been doing just that.  Working on what I can to move me further down my own path.  Rolling around ideas in my head and then committing them to paper.  It seems that once I get it on paper, it encourages me just a little more.

   What is it that keeps you motivated to keep going?

   Has it ever been a fortune cookie?!!
   Let me might help me, too! 

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