Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Small favor to ask!

     Hey, everybody...I have a favor to ask.  I am new to this blog thing and am learning as I go.  I know that several people are reading the posts here.  One person even caught me a while back when I hadn't posted as often and asked me if everything was okay.  She was worried about me, because she hadn't seen any recent postings.
    If I know that you guys are out there and that you are reading my posts, my question arises when I look at the stats for the blog. It is not showing that I have page views or followers.  I am learning as I go here, and maybe I have done something wrong.  That might be why it is not showing up in the stats.
     So, the favor that I am asking is could you please stop by and leave a comment for me (so I know that you are out there!!!).  I would appreciate it very much!  I hope that you are having a terrific week and that your baby steps are taking you in the right direction!!


  1. okay Diane..here is my comment. have visited a few times. Keep up the good work.Julie w.

  2. Hey, Diane! Thanks for inviting me to read your blog! Anne Wilson

  3. Hello Diane! I can't follow any blogs anywhere ever because I'm just not that tech savvy (or patient savvy). Maybe one day in the future, when I get back into the followup to FMC... sorry! I'll stay in touch, though, through email and Facebook. Have a groovy day! - Mark

  4. Thanks, guys! I was beginning to wonder if I was doing something wrong. After finding the comments and looking at the stats, I think I have it figured out! So, Mark, you can tell that I am not very tech savvy, either!
    Julie, I hope you are enjoying what you read. I am glad to see that you keep coming back! I look forward to seeing what you have to say.
    Anne, thanks for coming to join me. I hope that you keep coming back.