Saturday, January 12, 2013

Resolutions you will love to keep!

     So, we are just under two weeks into the new year.  How many of you are still doing well with your resolutions?  I know that 2013 is probably the first year that I will do well with mine  Why, you ask?  Did I suddenly discover the fountain of discipline?  Nope, not even close because that will never happen!
     What I did differently this year was to just choose to enjoy life more and follow my heart.  Each day, I try my best to fit in a few things that I enjoy.  I read a few chapters, do some writing and just try to relax more.  I also make it a point to spend more time with my family and friends. One thing that this past year has taught me more than anything is that you never know what tomorrow will bring.  Laughter, tears, good times and memories are something that I can't just  put off until I can fit it into my schedule.
   In the past, it has always been easy for me to get bogged down with all of the details of everyday life.  You know, the gotta do's and the shoulda done's!! Even though I am still getting my gotta's and shoulda's done, I try to spend a little time each day on my dreams for tomorrow.  I am not just going to wake up someday and say "Okay, tomorrow is here and time to get started!"  If I put a little bit of tomorrow into each day,  it just makes each day so much nicer!!
    It is after midnight here.  So, I can honestly ask you this question:  What are you going to do today to bring tomorrow into today?  What little baby steps are you going to take today?  Please take a few seconds to tell me your plans.  You never know who else you might inspire to follow their hearts!

What are your  "tomorrow" plans for today?


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