Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

     Happy New Year to everyone!  As I was trying to decide what to write in the first post of the new year, I ended up in a two different conversations with friends.  Both friends have had very trying times in the last couple of years and have been doing their best in keeping their spirits up when life can make it difficult to do so. 
     One of these ladies told me that she has almost given up on her dreams and that it was hard to think toward the future.  As we continued our conversation, she decided to not give up on those dreams just yet.  And from her last comments, I think she took my advice to heart to "just take baby steps".  I know from past experience that just deciding to not give up is much more than a baby step.  I don't know if she realized how big of a step that she actually took today!  I am proud of her!
     In the second conversation, my old friend just needed someone to talk to about the struggles that she has been dealing with lately.  She has had quite a bit on her plate and has been feeling overwhelmed.  It would make perfect sense if she had trouble keeping a positive attitude.  When I asked her what I should write about on here, she suggested getting a fresh start and new outlook for the new year. 
     If these ladies can take their problems for 2012 and choose to 1) not give on their dreams, 2) take baby steps and 3) get a fresh start for 2013, I am anxious to see where life will take them this year! 

What will you do this year?  What is your baby step?


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