Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Long day...Ready for a pillow!

     Today has been one of those long days that seem to go on forever.  Starting with waking up a couple of hours before the alarm sounded blared.  One of those mornings where you never really get back to sleep and feel the lack of zzzzz's the whole day.
     I'll tell you what...In these crazy, multitasking, merry-go-round type of days, you definitely want to be at your best.  Trying to face a day like that when you are a not operating at full speed, is not the easiest to do.  So, if I made no sense today, or made some small mistakes, please forgive me. I know for a fact, I worded something wrong at a staff meeting and got a good laugh from everyone.  Ahh, the joys of being sleep-deprived!!
     So, I wish you sweet dreams, while I take a nice long trip to lala-land.  Beautiful place, I should visit there more often!! I hope that you are starting the new year by taking good care of yourself.  And if that means that I see you on the beautiful island of lala-land, I will stop and buy you a drink! 

     Take care and I will see you tomorrow!! 

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