Friday, January 31, 2014

Present, future...or somewhere in between?

     Several times today, I have found myself in conversations about making plans for the future.  Earlier this morning, my husband and I had a long talk about this very topic.  About where we wanted to be and where we are right now. 
     It really makes you think about things...What do we want out of life?  Are we on our way, going in the right direction?  Or are some major changes in order?
     I think the answer to all of these questions is yes!  We are heading in the right direction.  We are making small decisions all the time that are moving us down the path that is right for us. But at the same time, maybe some major changes are in order sometime soon. 
     I also just ended the day today talking to a friend of mine.  Her family just made a big decision this week that will open up a new chapter in their lives.  I think that it will work out well for them.  But that doesn't mean that she is not scared of the change...I think that she is both scared and excited all rolled up in one! Change is scary, there is no getting around that fact.
     But taking the risk is worth it!  Playing it safe gives you a level of security that is hard to deny.  I know...I have spent the majority of my life just playing it safe.  But, when I have decided to  follow my instincts, it has brought only good things into my life. 
     If it is to scary to make those changes all at once and  take a completely different route in life, then just make those small changes instead.  Start making little daily decisions that don't seem to matter that much.  Start trusting your instincts more, make the small decisions that make you happy...
      Those small decisions may not seem like much, until you realize that you are out of that rut.  You are generally happier everyday.  You make enough of the small decisions during the journey and then you realize that you have changed your destination without even realizing it!!

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