Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Ready to Flip that Switch!

     It is funny what happens when you start living your dream!  You get excited about the little things...things you probably would have taken advantage of before.  Your priorities shift just a little bit, but all for the good.

     But I digress...

    When we first moved down to our property, we just pulled our camper to a good level spot, hooked up the generator and started unpacking.  A month later, we have a mailbox (with mail, too! LOL), almost have electricity (so, so close!), have some trees cleared and a cabin pretty well planned out.

     Getting electric doesn't just involve telling them to start service!  I got spoiled all of those years with easy connects like that in the past.  Starting with no electricity at all, you have to meet the REMC person at the property and have them survey to where you want your meter box.  Next, you build and install the wooden structure that said meter box resides.

     Then, it is back to the utility person to come back and inspect it, send the trenching guys to bury your lines to the road.  After all that is said and done, then it is back to the utility people putting the electric pole and transformer up out by the road.  Last, but not least, hooking up to "Home, Sweet Home" and flipping the switch.

     I am so glad that we are having chosen this dream.  We are excited to be living here and living the life that we want.  But, I will definitely not take the little baby steps for granted!! 


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